Stocking Up at the Publix Viva Italia Sale 2013

publix-viva-italiaI did three separate shopping trips this week to stock up on a lot of great deals. Every year during the Publix Viva Italia Sale I stock up on canned goods. I wasn’t actually planning on doing much couponing this week but this sale literally saves us money all year long because canned good last forever. See my last years shopping trip HERE. These are some of the lowest prices I see all year and they make it really easy to buy canned items in bulk with B1G1s and extra in store / printable coupons (same coupons, two ways to get them). Safe to say I saved a lot of $ and we just this month have run out of the canned items I bought last year. We were also fortunate enough to have been given $45 in Publix gift cards by family members so I used those to pay for most of these items. I also used one competitor $5 off of $25 purchase Save-A-Lot Coupon for each transaction.


Shopping Trip 1- (The couch isn’t from Publix although I did get a great deal on it lol)

Order Total- $22.44

Saved- $64.60

Out of Pocket Costs- Paid With a Gift Card so ZERO out of pocket


Shopping Trip 2-

Order Total- $30.42

Saved- $98.70

Out of Pocket Costs- Mostly Paid With Gift Cards so only $8.77


Shopping Trip 3-

Order Total- $14.75

Saved- $42.39

Out of Pocket Costs- $14.75


Weekly Total-

Out of Pocket Costs- $23.52

Saved Before Gift Cards- $205.69

Saved Including Gift Cards- $250.69
Now I think we are also ready for the Zombie Apocalypse should it hit within the next couple of months.

If you are interested in doing any of the deals that I have done in these transactions I will refer you to and for their deal listings.

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  1. Your carpet is so clean! And I love your couch also your counters look like mine. LOL

    Great job spending those coupons! Thanks for sharing at My Weekly Savings Linky. 😀

    • ShopaholicSavers

      Thank you! That white carpet is horrible! I had to buy a carpet cleaner to keep up with it! I just tell myself that I am getting exercise every time I wash it LOL

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