Save Money on Toilet Paper at Walgreens in May


The only household paper product we buy is toilet paper. That’s right, no paper towels, napkins, paper plates, etc. But we draw the line at Toilet Paper. There are some things we aren’t willing to do to save money and going without toilet paper is one of them. One of the best deals we have found is Real Soft / Sunny Smile Brand Toilet paper at Walgreens that costs $5 for a 12 pack (Aldi has a comparable deal). This month in the Walgreens May coupon booklet you can save an extra dollar with their dollar off coupon. I have included printable link below if you can’t find the booklet that is usually in the front of the store.

Buy one 12 pack of Real Soft / Sunny Smile Walgreen’s Brand Toilet Paper
-$1 off Sunny Smile bathroom tissue 12 roll from the Walgreens May coupon book or printable
Cost After Coupons- $4 for a 12 pack or .33¢ per roll

You can also buy an 8 roll of Paper Towels for $4 but I don’t buy them so I don’t know how good of a deal that is-
-$1 off Sunny Smile paper towels 8 rolls from the Walgreens May coupon book or printable

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