5-5-13 Shopaholic Savers Weekend Update- Our New Look!


Life and Site Update-

This has been a crazy week. In this week alone I’ve…
– worked at my part time job
– worked on my eBay Business
– started really working on my university summer fellowship to conduct a tipping research study
– dealt with home repairs on the house we are renting
– and… finished the renovation of this website!

Our Site Renovation Is Over!!!!!!!!!!
What do you think of our new look?

Kim, who did the work on the site, did an AMAZING job! I’m very happy with it. She was very professional and easy to work with. If you are interested in contacting her for work on your site you can e-mail her at kim@stitchandpixel.com or visit her new site HERE. She also made us the button you see above! Feel free to link to us! The code is in a box on the right of the page.


Frugal Things This Week-

– Doing well with our grocery budget for the end of April
– Finally getting to use part of my Free $100 Publix Gift Card
– Re-listing a lot of old listings from my eBay Business and a few books have already sold
– We didn’t have any wine glasses and I have recently discovered that there are some wines that I like and my sister gave us a really nice set of wine glasses and also some other glasses
– My sister also gave me some nice clothes including a pair of PJ pants that I needed because my old pair were so worn out they ripped
– Starting to get ready for our yard sale and finally picked a date
– My mother gave me some face wash that she didn’t want when I ran out of mine
– We have made a lot of frugal meals at home
– We have been trying to keep our AC set at 77 degrees or above now that the weather is warmer so that *hopefully* our electric bill doesn’t go up too much
– We parked and walked onto the beach instead of paying to drive on the beach
– We did a really great job this week with using up all of our leftover and not having to throw food away
– We borrowed a lawn mower from my mother instead of buying one so B could mow our lawn

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