Another Reason I Love Publix- Returns Made Easy

imagePublix Supermarkets are generally agreed to be the best supermarket chain in this part of Florida.  I get the majority of my coupon deals from there as they are very coupon friendly. They also score high marks from me because they make it really easy to return items, not that I return many. A week ago I had milk go bad 10 days before the expiration date and they willingly exchanged it for me.

I HATE doing returns! Especially at Walgreens where they act like you are trying to rob them (but that’s a post for another day!). However, Publix in my experience generally makes the return process really easy. I recently bought some Oscar Mayer lunch meat and it was HORRIBLE. I tried to force myself to eat it and I couldn’t. I don’t know what was in that package but it didn’t seem like turkey to me. So at around $5 for a package and with our tight grocery budget I decided it had to be returned. So after a couple weeks of putting this off, I finally decided to bring it back to the store. I also had to exchange some shampoo and conditioner that were the wrong type and I decided to do this all at once.

I didn’t have my receipt for the items but they took them all back and refunded the money on a gift card for the full price of the items. I would have told them that I thought the meat was B1G1 free when I bought it if they had asked but they didn’t and they were processing my return as I was running to go get the shampoo and conditioner I was exchanging. The other shampoo and conditioner turned out to be on sale so they gave me the amount extra for the previous shampoo and conditioner as well as full price for each of the B1G1 free lunch meats on the above pictured gift card.

Stores have return policies for a reason, as evidenced by the nice message on the gift card they gave me. There are several other stores (aka Walgreens) that have such bad customer service that I try to avoid them as much as possible. If anything, Publix’s willingness to help with returns only makes me more likely to shop at there in the future.

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