A Cool Use for Clearance Valentine’s Day Card Kits for Teachers

51ru+wFChXLI have always seen Valentine’s Day kits on clearance for less than $1 each at Goodwill or Target and I always wondered who would buy those. So when I saw my mother browsing them at Goodwill recently I asked her about it. She told me that the kits only cost .59¢ each and most of them came with a lot of nice pencils (like the one in the picture below) and stickers and other little gifts that were great for teachers (she is a substitute teacher). Especially in the area we live in, the schools have had major budget cuts and teachers have had to be creative with how they buy things for their classes. So for less than $1 teachers could possibly get little gifts or incentives for their students.


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  1. the students loved the pencils, stickers, and little kitty notepads that came in the valentine boxes. Even though it was May the students loved the valentine cards also!

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