Salvation Army Family Day Finds!


Wednesdays at the Salvation Army all clothes, shoes, purses, and jewelry are 50% off. Since having my son I am a completely different size. Surprisingly I am smaller now than when I was pregnant. I have one pair of jean shorts and it is now getting hot in Austin, Texas. So instead of buying brand new clothes I am trying to only buy used.  Before my husband went to work I quickly went to the thrift store. Here are my finds:


A Halo Sleep Sack for .99


A cute Alice shirt for .99. It was too small for me so I am going to try to see it on ebay.

Carters Child of Mine Pj’s .99

A Billabong scrunch butt bathing suit bottom .99. The only clothing item I bought for myself that fits.

Hollister shorts $1.99. These did not fit either.


After baby I have no idea what size I am. I guess I am forced to go back next week!


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