Saving Money at Home Depot on a new Wooden Gate

My mother needs a new gate for the fence around her house. She no longer owns a dog so there is currently just a gap. We are going to visit for Easter and we are bringing our puppy. We could have brought his movable ‘play pen’ aka huge movable fence but then I realized, why would we try to find a work around when it might just be easier to fix the gate?????

I found the gate and supplies we need at Home Depot for the lowest price. I figure that we are probably going to spend about $50-75 which isn’t bad for a home repair/Easter gift. I might also throw in some paint that I know she needs. But I still wanted to pay less! I knew that someone close to me had recently received a $100 Home Depot gift card as a gift and didn’t currently need it. I offered to trade them for $75 in Amazon gift cards that I will be getting for free from Swagbucks and rewards points on my credit card. They agreed! I also joined the Home Depot e-mail list for another $5 off of $50 coupon. This would save me $30 or 30%. I’m excited to by saving money on something we needed to buy anyways. Not mention that the gift cards I traded were free to begin with.

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