7-9-18 A Few Frugal Things- Bridal Shower and Boat

We have had a busy couple of weekends. Last weekend we hosted a wedding shower for a close family member and this weekend we spent on a friend’s boat. It has been so much fun and actually very frugal.

A few frugal things

– The wedding shower went very well. Although lots of cleaning and decorating of the house was involved it was very little expense on our part. I did buy a large wall picture for $14.99 from Goodwill and a rug from Home Depot but we had everything else we needed to make the house presentable.

– As a gift for hosting the shower we were taken out to eat, bought lovely gifts and bought coffee. We also ended up with a ton of leftover food including a Publix cheese tray, a Publix veggie tray, desserts and a pasta, garlic knot and salad dinner from a local Italian restaurant.

– I gave my MIL and SIL lots of extra clothes that I either decided I didn’t have time to list for my online selling business or were going to yard saled. They were really happy with the clothes and I was happy they will use them and I will get rid of clutter. We also gave them some smaller items we weren’t using including a pet fountain, a makeup pallet, a small bird cage and a cooler.

– I got a couple of matching, gorgeous, dark wood bookshelves from the thrift shop. Originally they were listed for over $100 but it was half off day and I had a coupon. Even with paying $35 for delivery they were a steal. Several of our bookshelves broke the last time we moved so our books are still in boxes in the garage.

– The next week after the shower was 4th of July but B had a huge test the next day so we stayed in and got some stuff done. It was still a nice day and not expensive.

– The next weekend we spent Saturday out on our friend’s boat at a local Spring. It was a beautiful day on the water. We also got some great exercise going up and down the spring. We brought food and drinks with us so very little expense involved.

– On Sunday we went to the farmer’s market. We brought the puppy and he did really well with the other dogs. We got lots of food from local venders but didn’t purchase any nick nacks. It’s unfortunately not a farmer’s market that sells many vegetables but we still have a lot of those in the fridge.

– We have been enjoying our pool and patio. It’s 1,000 degrees in Florida right now so cooling off is really nice.

– Randomly ended up going to lunch, the thrift shop and mall with a friend on Friday. I got several errands completed including buying a dress and shoes for the upcoming family wedding, returning a dress I was never going to wear, and giving that friend a few things I had collected for her.

– Still enjoying watching The Handmaid’s Tale and Naked and Afraid XL streaming online.

– Watched a movie at home that we had wanted to see in the theatre but waiting until we could watch more comfortably and for free at home.

– These were some really fun weekends without spending much.

Not so Frugal

– I bought a couple pairs of cute high heels for the coming family wedding but they were on sale and I used a coupon so overall, I have zero guilt with this purchase.

Extra Income

– Still in the hiring process for small side jobs.

– Did sell a few things on Poshmark.

– Earned a $50 reward card from my Credit Card that I use to buy gas

Harmful Chemical Free and Reduced Waste Living

– My early composting efforts seem to be going well. It looks like real soil.

– I replanted some of my container vegetable garden and added organic soil. My small plants don’t produce much but they aren’t a huge time or money expense either for a hobby. I just think I need more plants. I would like to go to a local plant nursery to buy some. There is one in my home town but it’s 40 mins away.

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