Waking up to Cold Florida Air and Oranges

This morning, I woke up early even though it’s my day off. It’s hard to sleep in now that I have to get up at 6:30am every day for work. I was shocked at the cold weather when I ran outside in my PJs to get my Sunday newspapers. For those of you who don’t know I live in Florida and this is the first cold day of the year. I grabbed my boyfriend’s winter coat from the back closet and tiptoed into our backyard to take a picture of our Water Well for another post (see HERE).

I was so excited to see that our three orange / tangerine trees haves started to grow fruit. As a Florida child I grew up with orange and tangerine trees in the back yard. I have great memories of being a child and going out to pick oranges in the cold air. We usually had so many that we couldn’t even give them all away and that was only from one or two trees at a time.

I can’t wait to have baskets of fresh FREE fruit to eat or give away. In my experience Orange and Tangerine trees are really easy to take care of (plant them and that’s it!) and yield tons of fruit year after year. I think having a fruit tree is a great frugal venture. I may try to make homemade jam this year. Or we may simply be able to give baskets of oranges to friends and family as early Christmas presents.

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