How One Phone Call Saved Us $343

When we moved into our new house about 6 months ago we got a really great introductory deal on internet and cable. Yes, we have cable. I know that cable is a highly debated item in the frugal world, with most people believing that you should just do without. In another situation, I would be one of the people without cable. However, we do have cable because 1) We got it at a very low rate 2) I feel that what we pay for it monthly is a good investment in spending time in our home and spending less money going out 3) We are in a position where we can afford it. A trip to the movies for two people can easily cost more than what we pay for it monthly. Now that I have overly explained myself (does my guilt at having cable show?), I can move on with my story.

So we got a really great introductory deal on cable and internet when we moved, which actually included $150 in Visa gift cards we had no clue we were getting, that we were able to use to buy our TV, one of the very few home purchases we have made since moving (See How We Got a 46 inch Flat Screen TV for $149). As we all know, the catch with introductory deals is that they end and then the company raises the price. The new $55 a month higher price was not a good deal. But I had a plan for that! A competitor offered us similar service for the introductory price so we could have switched but instead I decided to call and politely let out current company know about competitor’s price and also problems we had been having with our internet service. After an amount of negotiating they reduced our price back down and gave us free internet for one month (which I wasn’t expecting).

This one phone call which took less than half an hour saved us THREE HUNDRED AND FORTY-THREE DOLLARS and that’s not even including the lower taxes we will pay on this lower bill. I don’t particularly enjoy making phone calls like this but like most people in America, I don’t make over $300 in half an hour so this was a huge savings for a little bit of time and energy.

My next phone call project is going to be switching my car insurance.

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