April 2013 Grocery and Household Item Budget


Another month has flown by! Although we did go slightly over our budget this month I’m still content with what we spent because this has been a crazy month! See our weekend update for more info on that!

April Totals-

Spent- $211.25

Saved- $116.86  (not including savings from stores such as Aldi and Dollar Tree which are hard to calculate)

Remember- This budget is for two adults and we eat almost all of our meals at home. This also includes all household items such as toilet paper, soap, toothpaste, etc.

We spent a little more this month just because we have been sooo busy that we didn’t have as much time to bargain shop but we did get some great deals on some things that we will be eating in the coming month.

Some of Our Shopping Trips This Month-

4-16-13 Publix Shopping Trip- Spent $19.94 and Saved $51.90

4-8-13 CVS Shopping Trip

See How We Have Been Doing With Our $200 Budget So Far in 2013 With the Links Below-

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How did you do with your grocery budget this month?

Check back at the end of May to see how we do next month!

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  1. Wow I hope we can get to your level! We’re doing good with our food budget, but no where near your amount. We still spend too much.

    • ShopaholicSavers

      Thanks, Michelle! I think I’m going to post an article soon on the things we do to keep our budget so low. Like you, we do try to eat healthy most of the time which makes it harder because healthy foods are more expensive.

  2. You do great every month! Do you meal plan? I find i save a lot more money when i plan.

    • ShopaholicSavers

      I meal plan to an extent. I make a list of the meals I can make and make sure I have everything then I post a list on the fridge. We can pick from the list or make something else. We always have sides to choose from since we stocked up on canned goods so for us we mostly just have to make sure we have meat.

  3. Nice work saving so much! I really need to cut down my grocery bills as well.

    • ShopaholicSavers

      Thanks! We try! It does get harder when we are more busy but I think it’s worth it in the end.

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