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Thrift Finds- Black Winter Pea Coat and Black Trench Coat Raincoat $5.99 each



I bought the Black Ambiance brand, pea coat, winter coat for $5.99 (in the picture on the left) and an H&M brand, black, pea coat, trench coat, rain coat for $5.99 (in the picture on the right). I really needed a longer black winter coat and have kept my eyes open looking for one at a thrift shop. I’m not surprised that I would end up finding one during the summer in Florida when it’s so hot people don’t think that that they will ever feel cold again. I had actually looked into buying one of these this winter at Macy’s but they were $50 to $200 on sale. I had also previously looked for a similar trench coat at H&M and they were always $50 to $100. I’m really excited about these deals even though I probably won’t be able to wear them until winter.

Thrift Shopping Tip- Look for items out of season and you will have better luck finding a great deal. Most people aren’t looking for a heavy winter jacket in 95 degree weather and people are likely to get rid of summer clothes in the middle of winter. Stock up and you will be able to enjoy your new items when the seasons change. 

Thrift Shopping Tip- If you are stocking up for the next season, it’s usually better to buy classic pieces versus trendy. A classic, well made cable knit sweater will still look stylish in your wardrobe for years to come. My former roommate gave me a blue cable knit sweater she didn’t want almost 7 years ago and I still get compliments on it. 

Thrift Finds- Designer Oscar de la Renta Tie $1

2015-06-18 18.39.16


B works at a hospital and has to wear business dress clothes. I was excited to find this designer Oscar de la Renta Tie for only $1 at a local Hospice thrift shop for him to wear to work.

Thrift Shopping Tip- Look for secondhand designer labels for the same price as secondhand chain store items. This can sometimes be an indicator of quality and more expensive materials. 

7-8-15 Thrift Finds

2015-07-06 19.44.58

I have been really sick but one of my doctor’s appointments was near a couple thrift shops we rarely get to go through so I shuffled my way to some bargains.

In the picture above I got-

– A pair of comfort plus black dress heels that I’m sure I will be grateful for on days when I’m teaching and tired $5.99

– Another pair of black dress heels to wear while teaching $5.99

– The absolutely adorable pair of purple dress heels with buttons on them $5.99

– A pair of grey pinstripe dress pants that fit me and don’t even need to be hemmed $3.59

– A small wooden jewelry box that I will probably paint $3

– The red towel holder $2.50 that I will definitely paint (these are a great idea for renters who need a temporary towel holder without drilling into the walls)

2015-07-07 22.04.30

– Express long shorts $3.59

– Sun Dress new with tags, I will be bringing this dress on our California vacation this summer because it is a non-wrinkling material $5.99

– Black Boots $5.99, although I won’t get much use out of these during the summer in Florida I would not find these here during the winter for that cheap so I’m buying them for when it gets cold

2015-07-06 19.45.09

– Tan flowered patterned collapsible tote, great for storage and it will fold flat when not in use $2

2015-07-03 19.18.27

– These two ugly end tables that have good bones for my brother’s new apartment were only $9.99 each, check back for before and after photos because these are going to look great when cleaned and painted!

My $2.99 Cabinet Before and After

2014-08-07 16.53.34I bought this ugly little brown cabinet (It’s actually drawers but looks like a cabinet) for $2.99 at a local thrift shop. Using one can of green spray paint I transformed it into something that I love having in my living room! It takes the place of a side table but with the added bonus of extra storage. I’m so excited about how this turned out I’m looking for more pieces to transform.

CVS Thanksgiving / Black Friday Sale! Spent- $20.12 and Saved- $114.43


My haul from the CVS Thanksgiving sale last night! Probably my favorite shopping trip of the year! This is my Black Friday shopping. Here is the breakdown-

Spent- $20.12

Saved- $114.43

Number of CVS cards- 2

Number of Transactions- 12

ECBs (CVS store dollars) Left Over- $5

This sounds like a lot until you know that we were the only ones in the store and they allowed my sister and I to use our boyfriend’s cards to do more deals. They had tons of stuff so we weren’t clearing any shelves. I had $8 ECBs  left on one card so I used it to pick up some mostly free groceries or I would have had $13 ECBs left. There are close ups of my haul below below.

AND this required very, very few coupons. We only used about 2 newspaper coupons and 2 CVS printer coupons per transaction so most of these deals don’t require coupons!

If you want to see these deal match ups you can view the CVS Ad at CVS.com here or the coupon match ups at SouthernSavers.com here.

Here is one additional deal I didn’t see elsewhere-

CVS Multi-pack Toothbrushes $2.99
– Use $1 off CVS Toothbrushes coupon from the CVS coupon printer
– Receive $2 ECBs
Price after coupon and ECBs- FREE!



11-12-13 CVS Shopping Trip

imageThis week at CVS I spent $8.34 and saved $38.71 and I bought a lot of things we were out of. I save the most by rolling my ECBs (CVS store dollars) by buying something, getting the ECBs, and using them to pay for the next transaction. The Mountain Dew is extra caffeine to get us through finals week. I did 3 transactions on my card and used the bf’s card to get another pain reliever for free (they had tons of them at my store).

If you would like to see the deals for this week I visited SouthernSavers.com.

Pür Minerals B1G1 Free This Week Only at ULTA

imageI was almost entirely out of face makeup and not going to be near my closest Ulta store this week. I really didn’t want to go out of my way but B was nice enough to volunteer to drive me. When I got there I was excited to find that Pür Minerals was B1G1 Free this week only at ULTA. That was very lucky! Last year I bought 4 but this year I bought six which hopefully will be enough for the whole year. Keep in mind there are no coupons for this makeup and it only goes on this one sale the entire year. When not on sale the makeup is $27 for one compact. If you have read anything on this blog you know that I am very careful with my money but I LOVE, LOVE this makeup. It’s 4 in 1: foundation, powder, SPF 15 and concealer. It also saves me a lot of time because I only have to apply one product instead of 4. So today I bought enough for the rest of the year saving myself $84 and several trips to the store.

7-22-13 CVS Shopping Trip

imageIt has been a while since I have done any couponing at CVS but I was near by and I wanted to use my $3 free ECBs because I needed more of my Natural Tom’s of Maine toothpaste which is usually $5 a tube so I did a couple of other little deals while I was there.

Just the Basics 1 Paper Towel Roll 79¢
Store Coupon 79¢ off Just the Basics Towel printing at CVS coupon center
Cost After Coupons- Free

Hershey, Nestle or Unreal Pouches, 6.3-12 oz, $3
-$2.50 off Kit Kat Mini’s, 8 oz+, share (CVS coupon) printable
Cost After Coupons-.50 each

Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste $4.99 Regular Price
-$1 off Tom’s of Maine toothpaste or mouthwash, SS 6/23
$3 CVS ECBs FREE in a CVS e-mail
Cost After Coupons- $.99

Total w/ Tax- $2.51
Saved- $12.67

I’ll take it! I needed toothpaste anyway so I love getting it and other items with it for half the price of the toothpaste.

June 2013 Grocery and Household Item Budget

imageSo I’m a little late in posting our June Grocery and Household Item budget. My research study was taking up all of my time but it’s sooo worth it. We were crazy busy in June so I’m especially proud that we did so well on out budget. It has been even harder to stick with our $200 a month budget because we are becoming really committed to eating healthy and eating healthy is expensive!

June Totals-

Spent- $205.57

Saved- $63.34 (not including savings from stores such as Aldi and Dollar Tree which are hard to calculate)

Remember- This budget is for two adults and we eat almost all of our meals at home. This also includes all household items such as toilet paper, soap, cleaning products, toothpaste, etc.


See How We Have Been Doing With Our $200 Budget So Far in 2013 With the Links Below-

January Grocery and Household Item Budget

February Grocery and Household Item Budget

March Grocery and Household Item Budget

April 2013 Grocery and Household Item Budget

May 2013 Grocery and Household Item Budget


How did you do with your grocery budget this month?

Check back at the end of July to see how we do this month!

6-25-13 Thrift Shop Finds


I’m starting a new job soon and business clothes are expensive. See my article How To Buy and Dress in Business Clothes for Less.

I have been buying business dress clothes slowly as I find good deals on them to help me build up my new work wardrobe. Although the picture above doesn’t show the clothes in their best light, I was really excited to find about 10 dress shirts from New York and Company, St. John’s Bay, and Gap all for $1.99 each. I spent about $20 which is less than I would have paid for one shirt at one of these stores.

I was also excited to find the below vegetable holder/washer so I took a bigger picture of it. It was only .99 cents and it helps keep produce fresh longer and even better it’s dishwasher safe. I happen to know that these can sell for A LOT more than 99 cents.


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