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8-9-14 Thrift Shopping Trip

imageI need more dress clothes for when I start teaching again this month. Everyone who wears dress clothes to work knows they can be EXPENSIVE. So my friend and I decided to make a quick trip to a little church thrift store in a 100 year old house. It’s only open on Thursday nights and weekend mornings but the prices are fantastic. I spent $12 total and got everything pictured. All of the shirts were .50 cents each!
imageThe dress flats on the left were .75 cents and the dress heels on the right were $2.00! So exciting! I will definitely wear them to teach.

imageI also needed some little dishes for our cat and I found an entire set of small bowls (they look much larger in the picture) and 1 plate for .15 cents each! I almost bought some for .50 cents each at another thrift shop but now I’m glad I didn’t.

Shopaholic Savers Deal- FREE CVS Multi-pack Toothbrushes

imageI did fantastic at the CVS Thanksgiving / Blackfriday sale HERE AND this required very, very few coupons. We only used about 2 newspaper coupons and 2 CVS printer coupons per transaction so most of these deals don’t require coupons!

Here is one additional deal I didn’t see elsewhere-

CVS Multi-pack Toothbrushes $2.99
– Use $1 off CVS Toothbrushes coupon from the CVS coupon printer
– Receive $2 ECBs
Price after coupon and ECBs- FREE!

If you want to see these deal match ups you can view the CVS Ad at CVS.com here or the coupon match ups at SouthernSavers.com here.

$2.99 12 Packs of Toilet Paper at Walgreens- Last 2 Days Stock Up Now

imageI saved a lot more than I expected to when I went to Walgreens yesterday to buy ONE 12 pack of toilet paper. We buy the Real Soft Walgreens brand because they are large rolls for $5 regular price for a 12 pack which is cheaper than anywhere else around here.

Currently Walgreens has them on sale for $3.99 and there is a $1 off coupon in the Walgreens monthly coupon books (the ones by the weekly ad, they always have them) that makes them $2.99 for a large 12 pack. The best part is all of the coupons you need are already in the store. I ended up buying all of our TP for the rest of the month because it was so cheap. We got 5 large 12 packs for $15. I may go back and buy some for next month too.

$3.99 Better Homes & Gardens Goodwill Lamp

imageWe needed a little lamp for our living room and we had been using our desk lamp until we found one. Luckily the next time I was at Goodwill I found this new in the box, Better Homes & Gardens, lamp with the shade for $3.99 in their Target close out section. When I got it home I realized it needed a little bit of super glue in one spot but other than that it was fine and now I can have my desk lamp back on my desk where it belongs.

My $20 Goodwill Bench Before and After


For a couple of months I’ve been thinking about how I would really like to have a bench in the small entrance way in our house. I was surprised to find the above bench for less than $20 at Goodwill despite the fact that it was a little scratched and a small dog had gotten a hold of it’s bottom right leg and chewed it up a little.

imageI knew that when I was done, will a little help from some of the stain sticks my mother and I have acquired through the years, that you would never be able to tell it had been damaged. What I didn’t know was that my new-to-me bench would actually look like new. I just wish I had taken a picture of the pile of shoes that used to sit where the bench is now so that you could see how much better it looks and you would never guess it’s already full to the brim of shoes.

*Stain Stick Tip*- Grab a small rag and wipe over the spots you have colored in. It helps to blend the stain into the grain of the wood so it looks a lot more natural and has less marker lines.


If anyone knows where this bench originally came from please leave me a comment. I would be curious to hear.

Fantastic Walgreens Banana Boat Sunscreen Deal $1.75 each- Last 2 Days!

imageThere is a fantastic Walgreens deal right now on Banana Boat Sunscreen, all with coupons you can find in the store.

Banana Boat Sunscreen- On Sale $9.49- $11.49 B1G1 Free Until June 1st
– Use 2/2 Walgreens Banana Boat Coupon from their “Beauty That Sizzles” Beauty Counter Booklet
– And Use 2 $2 off Banana Boat Sunscreen Hangtag Manufacture coupons (Some people have found $3 off)
Cost After Coupons- As low as $1.75 each

Also if you went to Walgreens last week you should have received a $5 off of $20 purchase coupon that could help make this an even better deal if your before coupon total is more than $20.

I ended up buying 4 because in Florida you can never have too much sunscreen!


4-20-13 Yard Sale / Thrift Shop / Rummage Sale Finds


So this Saturday was a LOT of fun. We went to the Deltona Flea Market (I wrote about it HERE) and we also went to some thrift shops and yard sales and one fun neighborhood yard sale. I ended up with all of the above loot plus a weed wacker / trimmer for $10 and in total I only spend $24 including the weed wacker.

Here is what I got-

– Weed Wacker / Trimmer $10

– 3 Bath and Body Works Soaps for .50 cents each

– Like New Clothes for .25 cents each- They were also nice brands like American Eagle

– Books for .25 cents or .50 cents each

– New envelopes .10 cents

– Tape .10 cents

– Girl’s Baseball Glove .50 cents

– Antique wooden book/ Bible holder $2

– Some Christmas Craft sets .25 cents each

– And we were given some free pet care kits (in blue bags) from a local vet




imageMy mother bought this antique stroller for $5.

imageI didn’t buy these but they were $4.99 and $9.99 which was a great price because they looked almost new.

Restaurants.com $5 for a $25 Gift Certificate

restaurantsbunnyNow through March 28th you can buy $25 restaurants.com gift certificates for $5. Use the promo code BUNNY when you check out. This is a great way to save money when going out to eat. 🙂

Candy’s Recent Designer Goodwill Finds

SAM_3225This post is by my sister Candy who is a frugal fasionista. She knows designer brand names and always finds the best designer deals!

For years my mother, sister, and I have been thrifting but more recently I have become obsessed with shopping at Goodwill. One of my goals for this year was to shop for all my new clothes at Goodwill and other thrift stores in my area. Instead of going straight to the mall when I need a new shirt or dress I head to Goodwill, which is conveniently a few minutes away from my local mall. Also there is a Goodwill on the way to the university I attend. Also the stores in my area offer a 10% off student discount which I always take advantage of. Here are some of my recent finds:

Toms Wedges-Retail 69.00 I paid. 5.99 . When I first tried them on they were a little tight but I bought them anyways because I was determined to squeeze my feet into those wedges. A few weeks and sore feet later they are probably the favorite pair of shoes I own.



Now I have been wanting these Kino sandals for about four years now but they are only sold in Key West or online and “ain’t nobody got time” to take a trip to the keys for 13 dollar sandals. I got mine for $3.99. Not necessarily as cheap as I would have liked but I have no intentions of taking a vacation to the Florida Keys anytime soon.



This is a Kathy Von Zeeland purse I recently purchased for $3.99 at Goodwill. This is my second purse of this brand and the first one I have was $30 on clearance at Marshalls, but I received it as a gift. I love this purse and I am currently using it.



The next item I am really happy I bought. I recently took a trip to Kentucky. While there my family and I decided to go to Goodwill. This was literally the worst Goodwill I have been it. Super sketchy but I found this amazing H&M coat for $5. (It looks a lot lighter in the first picture, the second picture is closer to the actual color)

SAM_3231(1)One of the best items to buy at a thrift store is books. I never pay full price for text books or books I read for entertainment. I’ve been wanting to read this book for a while now but I just hadn’t found it at an affordable price. Then I found it at Goodwill and .99 cents is good for me.

Keep in mind with all of these items I also received 10% off with my student discount for showing my student ID. I love shopping at Goodwill but I also do my part and donate whatever items I have at home that my family members or I do not need.


The Financial Decisions That Have Saved Us $54,000 in the Past Two Years

Almost two years ago my boyfriend and I moved in together. We are currently choosing to live on less income so that we both can go back to school for graduate degrees. I decided to compile a list of the financial decisions we have made in the past two years that have saved us the most money. After writing this list I have to say that I’m really proud of us!


1. Buying Our Cars With Cash– I drive a Chevy Cavalier that I bought for $2,000 and B drives a Nissan Sentra that he bought for $5,000 we could have easily spent at least $25,000 for these cars USED and that doesn’t even include interest on a car loan (See Our Experience as a One Car Household) Savings- $25,000

2. Renting a House in Our Original Target Price Range– When we were looking for a house to rent we originally decided we could spend $700 to $900 a month but quickly found that it would be very, very difficult to find a very nice home in that price range but we ended up picking out the house we are living in at $900 a month over houses in the $1200 price range Savings- $300 a month or $3,600 a Year

3. Renting a House With Free Water/Sewer/Trash Bill– We have a  water well  so we don’t pay for water but my sister and her fiancé used to pay $60 a month at their house (see Having a Water Well) Savings- $60 a Month or $720 a year

4. Working Jobs Close to Home– When I worked full time I commuted an hour each way to work. At one point I paid $100 a month just in tolls and I paid about $200 a month in gas Savings- $250 a month or $3,000 a year

5. Working Jobs Where We Don’t Have To Wear Dress Clothes– Dress clothes are expensive, there is nothing else to say! Savings- $50 a month or $600 a Year

6. Negotiating With the Cable/Internet Company- Our current rate would be $130 a month for a smaller package but instead we negotiated to $85 a month for a DVR/HD Channels/Internet/More Channels (See- How One Phone Call Saved Us $343) Savings $45 a month or $540 a year


7. Buying My Treadmill for $30– I had budgeted to spend $200 on a used treadmill but none came along then I got lucky and got mine for $30 (see How I Got a Treadmill for $30) Saved- $670

8. Buying Our 46 in Flatscreen TV for $150– We wanted a nice TV after we moved into our new house so we were able to price shop and use gift cards (See How We got a 46in TV for $150) Saved- $400


9. Getting Our Furniture Secondhand– Almost all of our furniture is high quality but second hand. We could have spent thousands on new furniture but we bought used and saved and our house still looks great. Saved- $3,000

10. Having a $200 a Month Grocery Budget– We try to eat healthy so we can easily spend a huge amount of money on groceries. I’m going to conservatively say that we save at least $200 a month by sticking to our budget. (See More About Our Grocery BudgetSaved- $200 a Month or $2,400 a year

coupon mat

11. Buying Groceries and Household Items with Coupons– We save thousands of dollars by using coupons so I’m going to conservatively say that we saved a couple of thousand dollars in the past two years.  (See More About Our Couponing) Saved- $4,000

TOTAL- $54,000 We Saved Ourselves in 2 Years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was really surprised when I calculated that total! The best part of this is that NONE of these are crazy things. These are regular every day things that with a little bit of extra time and effort saved us a substantial amount of money!

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